FordPass Competes For Your Parking Dollars

Greetings my friends. We all might think Ford is in a state of denial, considering the multitude of apps to assist us through everyday life. How would I know which McDonald’s makes the freshest batch of fries without Yelp? How would I know which street is one-way without Google Maps? Ha, I got you there, no one drives when you have Uber, Lyft, and Cousin Demetri. Well, folks, Ford has the answer. FordPass.


Enter, FordPass

FordPass is the little app that could. They have a laundry list of options and benefits, but the one I want to focus on is their parking garage assistance. I don’t want to poke fun, but there are a variety of competing apps that offer a similar benefit, so I am not sure what Ford is doing. Keep in mind that Ford is pushing Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto to all of their 2017 models. All we would need is a compatible app. Oh, and their parking service is just ParkWhiz re-branded.

Stop circling the block. Start parking smarter. FordPass Park lets you quickly find parking ahead of time. Parking marked with a white flag is even reservable and you can pay for it right from the app. Need a little more help? A friendly FordGuide is just a tap away.

FordPass Park is available in select cities.Ford

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Now I think that we all enjoy a little variety, so I am curious as to how the entire FordPass ecosystem comes into play. Only time will tell.

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