Introducing the Jawbone UP2

First, a little multi-media presentation courtesy of Jawbone.

First of all, am I the only one that is looking at the naming convention and thinking someone in branding needs to take charge?

Let’s take a quick look at the history of the Jawbone UP:

  1. Jawbone UP, November 2011
  2. Jawbone UP v.2, November 2012 (updated with MotionX)
  3. Jawbone UP24, November 2014
  4. Jawbone UP3, November 2014 and finally ready to ship April 2015
  5. Jawbone UP2, April 2015 (replaces Jawbone UP24)
  6. Jawbone UP4, April 2015

I have briefly covered my dissatisfaction with the Jawbone UP3 here and covered its updated sibling, the Jawbone UP4, here. The one I forgot to mention is the Jawbone UP2. This is the replacement for the Jawbone UP24. It seems you can’t win. If you were looking to upgrade to the UP3 over the holidays last year, you are still waiting. If you decided to upgrade your Jawbone UP to the UP24, now it is discontinued. How far are you willing to chase Jawbone down the rabbit hole?

Jawbone UP2

Jawbone UP2

Jawbone UP2 Features

In a nutshell, the Jawbone UP2 is basically the Jawbone UP24 in a new form factor. If I put my marketing hat on, the Jawbone UP2 is a lighter, svelte piece of fashion for your wrist that doubles as a stylish activity tracker complete with the latest technology to keep you going throughout the day and well into the week. Whew! In other words, its the Jawbone UP3 without the sexy sensors.

  • Activity tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Continuous updates
  • Splash-proof
  • Smart Alarm
  • Idle Alert
  • 7-day battery life
  • Bluetooth sync
  • Calories burned
  • Streaks and milestones
  • LED indicator
  • Smart coach

The Cost

The Jawbone UP2 will set you back a solid Benjamin ($99.99) plus tax. Considering that this is the replacement to the Jawbone UP24, you are saving $30 off the MSRP; granted, you can still find the UP24 online hovering around $70-80. Compared to the Fitbit Flex and Charge, this is a great introductory price with a decent set of features and is available today on the Jawbone website here.

Unit Review

With all of my criticisms, I doubt that Jawbone would send me a test unit of the Jawbone UP2 or UP3/4. Just keep in mind that even after my third unit (two were warranty replacements), I have not abandoned Jawbone yet. I think they still have one of the better ecosystems out there so here’s to hoping.

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