Don’t Be Scared; She’s Just A Little Nervous

The short version, drunk woman scares passenger on a Flybe flight from Glasgow to Birmingham in March. The end.

The Longer, More Epic Version

Okay, I can see this from all sides. On one hand, I suppose taking a nip from the bottle might help those with shaken nerves. I’ve seen it in the movies, and we all know movies are real; I still hang out after work awaiting a ride from Falkor (see Neverending Story), but alas, it’s always bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Briley Parkway for me.

Why Falkor? Why?!

Seriously folks, this isn’t the movies, this is real life, and I’m pretty sure it’s inadvisable for a recovering alcoholic to pick up the bottle in any event. Her rant was allegedly directed at one of the passengers. Imagine that. A little alcohol and deep-seated rage boil to the surface at the most inopportune time. By the time the plane landed, the entire plane was disgusted with her interesting use of speech that incited fear in some of the passengers. According to reports:

Elaine Ryan, aged 60, loudly claimed a man on board the Flybe flight was a member of the terror group and had a bomb on board.

Birmingham Crown Court heard 48 passengers, including children, were terrified by her claims during the 50-minute flight.

A self-confessed alcoholic, Ryan was seen by crew members with a half-empty bottle of vodka in one hand and an unlit cigarette in the other.

A former nurse with 30 years experience in the NHS, Ryan, of Coventry, had to be removed from her seat and was strapped in a galley area when crew were unable to stop her drunken tirade.

Matt Lloyd
drunk woman scares passengers

Elaine Ryan


I’m not sure how often it happens and how many drinks she had before the flight and during the flight, but one thing is clear. Airlines are either going to have to start monitoring their passengers or start hiring certified bartenders, so they know when to cut passengers off.

No, not really. I’m not sure if there is a solution to this. Heck, maybe it’s not even that big of a problem. The minute we hear “drunk woman scares passengers” we think of it as an issue that happens all the time.

What do you think? Is this a real issue or is it something that is rare enough to leave well enough alone?

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