Please note that I have no relationship with Barclaycard US outside of being a customer myself. I have received a lot of emails on billing questions. If you have questions about your bill, a dispute or something else related to your card, please direct all of your question to Barclaycard US.

There may have been some confusion from this article that talks about how Barclaycard updated their website and invoices/bills with the Aviator branding.

Questions On How To Pay Your AAdvantage Aviator MasterCard Bill

I have been on vacation for most of the month, but that hasn’t stopped the emails from coming in. Recently, I have received a deluge of emails in regards to the following:

  • I can log in, but I cannot see my statement.
  • I can log in, but I do not see where I pay my bill.
  • I cannot pay my bill.
  • How do I pay my bill?
  • I have questions about my bill.
  • My bill is wrong.

And a few more questions along those lines. First, this is a bit disconcerting. When Barclaycard made the switch from the US Airways Dividend Card to the AAdvantage Aviator MasterCard, they did not change anything on the back end. You sill pay your bill the same way. These questions seem to be coming from either those who jumped in at the last minute to score the 50,000 bonus miles or those who did not use their card that frequently, but due to Barclaycard’s aggressive promotions and marketing (such as 50% bonus miles or the 15k bonus miles) some might have started using their card.

A Quick Walk-through

First, Barclaycard has a quite a few methods of contact:

  1. Phone via 1-866-928-8598, highly recommended so you can speak with a representative and get your issues taken care of in real time.
  2. Email: Send them a message without ever having to leave the Barclaycard site. To send a secure message, simply log in to your account and select CONTACT US. To view your messages, log in to your account and select the NEW MESSAGES link.
  3. Snail Mail
    1. Credit Card Payments
      Card Services
      P.O. Box 60517
      City of Industry, CA  91716-0517
    2. Credit Card Billing Disputes
      Card Services
      P.O. Box 8802
      Wilmington, DE 19899-8802
    3. General Correspondence
      Card Services
      P.O. Box 8801
      Wilmington, DE 19899-8801
  4. Twitter: BarclaycardUS (Please do not submit any personal information via Twitter)
  5. Facebook: Please do not submit any personal information via Facebook

Use The Provided Resources

Try either of the following directly from the home page for your AAdvantage Aviator MasterCard:

  1. A link that takes you to all the contact options.
  2. Input your username, your password (and/or security questions) will be asked on the next page.

Log in to your account from the home page.

Your Account Screen

Although your credit card was re-branded to the AAdvantage Aviator MasterCard, everything else remains the same; your login, payment due date, contact details, balance, credit limit, etc. After successfully logging in, you will see a similar screen.

20150625-BarclayAccountInfoHeaderAlthough slightly edited to protect my privacy, you can see that the top 1/4 of your account page shows everything you need to take care of your account. If you have questions that cannot be answered via phone or you do not have the time to wade through the IVR, you can click the “New messages” link underneath your name on the far left.

The image of the card indicates what card you currently have and are viewing. The next three items in a blue background, in order, give your a quick glance at your:

  1. Last payment received
  2. Number of transactions since last statement
  3. Number of AAdavntage miles earned

Above those blue background buttons you will see your current balance, statement balance, available credit and credit line.

Where You Can Pay

Along the bottom of those blue background buttons are the following:

  • Account settings: see you payment address, number of authorized users, change your PIN and more
  • Tools: see card benefits, FICO Score, etc.
  • View Current Statement (self-explanatory)

If you click on the ‘Last Payment Received”, it will take you to a payment screen. If you do not have a bank setup for online payments, you can do so at that time. That seems to be where I get the most questions. I do not have a band set up, but I imagine that it is a fairly painless process that will get you to where you need to be.

Bottom Line, Call Your Bank

You should always contact your card issuer if you have banking, credit, payment issues. For example, if you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa, you should call Chase using the number on the back of the card. In this instance, you need to call Barclaycard using the number on the back of the card. Contacting a blog is not a valid alternative as I have no cooperative customer service banking relation with any of the card-issuing banks I cannot discuss with any true authority. Heck, I am just a customer just like you. Please see my disclaimer for more information on the information contained in this blog.

Good luck.

Hey, what are you still doing here? Time to call your bank.

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